How to install Rock Treads traction device for shoes and boots
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INSTRUCTIONS for FELT & INSERT (Korkers(TM)) Style Boots:


1 – Clean boot or shoe thoroughly.  Must be 100% Dry!!


2 – Set a pattern you like with Rock Tread Discs. We recommend at least 8 per boot.  Place the discs evenly for even footing and wear whilst you run in the rivers! See sample patterns below


3 – Set small pilot hole, do not make a big hole, just break the rubber. On felt go a ½ inch deep one time, should be enough to get the screw started (again, must be dry!) Put your drill torque setting to 50% or less, this will prevent you from over tightening.


4 – Screw in Rock Treads discs with our custom triangle post screw. Do not screw in very tight, just barely tight.  You want there to be plenty of material for the screw to hold on to.


5 – Run through the river like never before (but not on ice!)


If you have the newest boots from Hodgeman(TM) H-Lock , or wish to be able to remove your inserts, the Lock Down Kit does include shorter screws so that you can install the Rock Treads on your insert, and have the ability to easily remove them as you see fit.  The Lock Down Kit is recommended for the Hodgeman Style Removable Sole boots (H-Lock) as the plastic in this insert is a bit softer than that in the Korkers (TM)




For Rubber Bottom Boots including Vibram(tm)- You must get the Lock Down Kit for a lifelong hold!!



Also recomended for Hodgeman (TM) H-Lock boots or for Korkers (TM) if you wish to be able to remove the insert without taking your Rock Treads out of the insert.



Lock Down Kit Instructions:


Installation will take a minute, but its quite simple really.  Spend 30 minutes on your boots now, and you will never mess with them again!  Gone are your days of slipping and sliding forever!!


You will need some patience and a cordless drill to do the install.


Step 1:  Make sure your boot is CLEAN & DRY!!


Step 2: Insert the larger bit that comes in your Lock Down Kit into your cordless drill.


Step 3: Plan your pattern on your boot, and then lay that pattern down on your work surface so you can reference back.  You are adding another layer to your boot bottom so be sure to put the discs in a relatively even pattern, you want to step on an even surface while you RUN in the rivers with Rock Treads.


Step 4:  Knowing where you want your first disc, drill a hole all the way through your boot.  We recommend holding your hand inside of the boot while you do this.  GO NICE AND SLOW!! This isn’t a race.  If your boot has a liner in it, remove it.  On Simms Boots, we’ve noticed there isn’t a liner in some of their boots.  Just drill through, you may wrap up the material on your bit a little, but just keep drilling, all the liner will come out- you may want to cut it out- up to you.


Step 5: Take the longest screw in your kit, its called the SET SCREW (2”).  Insert a RT Disc onto this screw and put the tip into the hole you just drilled.  With your hand inside the boot, simply, and slowly screw the set bolt until you feel about ¼ inch pop up into the boot sole area.  Use your Cordless Drill to do this with a Phillips Bit installed.


Step 6: Take a Lock Down Nut and thread it onto the tip of the SET SCREW that is poking out into your foot bed.  Tighten it down by hand until it doesn’t want to spin inside your boot.  Keeping your hand inside the boot, pick up your drill and proceed to tighten the SET SCREW down until the lock down nut is tight inside your boot against your foot bed.


Step 7:  Back out the SET Screw and RT Disc.  Grab a Toe (1”) or Heel Screw (1-1/2”), put on your RT disc and screw it back into your now SET Lock Down Nut.  As soon as you feel the screw come all the way through into your boot, back the screw out a little bit, you don’t want to feel the screw! On some boots, you might actually compress the layers and make your RT Disc one with the tread pattern, that’s OK!


Heel Screws are longer than your Toe Screws, please notice the difference.  The short screw will never work in the heel of ANY boot we have found.


Repeat for every disc you want on your boots and you are done!    Big tip:  TAKE YOUR TIME!!!  Again, this isn’t a race!



MAKE SURE YOU PUT A LINER/INSERT such as Dr. Scholls, or one from another pair of shoes you may have, back into your boot.  You don’t want to feel the Lock Down Kit, or have the metal Lock Down Nuts potentially tear your wader boot.  Many boots come with a removable liner, just put it back in.  If you feel the Lock Down Kit is uncomfortable while wading, add another insert.  The $3 Equate inserts from Wal-Mart work just fine.


                                            Patterns for your Rock Treads Kits!!!