Frequently Asked Questions about Rock Treads
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How does it work?

Basic Fact: Aluminum is softer than the rock you are stepping on. With just 50 pounds of pressure, Rock Treads discs will mold to each and every surface you step on—providing simply the best wading traction the market has ever seen, with no stream contamination concerns. You simply screw the Rock Treads discs into the bottom of your current rubber-bottom wading shoe/boot. Choose your pattern—remember, each foot is different—and screw them in. Our patent pending product goes in simply with a pilot hole (drill bit provided), and our custom screw doesn’t have a sharp point you can feel like other screw alternatives. A Rock Treads kit, compared to any other wading device, is the most cost-effective way for you to have extraordinary traction in wet, slimy, rocky environments—with no felt!


Why should I believe this works?

Patrick Fulkrod is the 2014 Orvis Guide of the Year, and he loves the product. Patrick wouldn’t use our product until he tested it extensively and more than 10 guided wade trips in the rivers of Northeast Tennessee proved to him they work. After his first solo run, he said, “Simply put, they work. The Rock Tread is softer than the rock, not harder like carbide and steel alternatives. I don’t need the surface to be slicker, I need it to stick! I am shocked at how well these work, better than my felt boots I love and trust. You have to try them. Take an old pair of boots, any kind, and try them for yourself. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Again—THEY WORK.” Learn more about Patrick and how you can fish with him here.

What are Rock Treads?

A Rock Treads kit, simply put, is the most cost-effective, grip-producing alternative to felt-bottom wading practices in the world. It’s the first aluminum traction system you install on any shoe or boot you already own for under $50!

Will Rock Treads damage my boots?

No more than any stud application on the market today. The custom Rock Tread Screw has a flat tip and a triangular shaped post so our screw won’t naturally want to back out. Add a little glue (Super, Gorilla or AquaTek glues work best).

How long do Rock Treads last?

We don’t know, as we have yet to see any wear out! Rock Treads do not rust, mold or transfer micro-organisms from one river to the next.

We have over 200 miles on our initial R&D set.  A new disc is 1/4 inch, our most worn disc on this set is still over 1/8 of an inch!

Is there any maintenance involved?

Just tighten up your screws every now and then, and you’re good to go! 

How many Rock Treads do I need?

That depends on your preference, your type of activity and your environment. You will want at least 4 discs in the front half of your shoe, and at least 3 discs in the heel area.  


Why go with any wading shoe other than felt-bottom boots?

Six states have made felt illegal, and seven more have acts in legislation to make it illegal as well. Felt has proven, even after 30 days of being out of the water, to transfer micro-organisms from one river to the next. Each river is its own unique environment. What grows in one may not grow or can be harmful in a stream just two miles away. We at Rock Treads understand that felt is awesome and has been the staple for as long as man has had waders. But it’s bad, and it’s scientifically proven to be bad, but there hasn’t been an equal on the market that is easily applied and affordable until now.

Why Rock Treads vs. alternative options?

1-Do you own a pair of wading boots already? 2-Do you want to buy another pair of boots? We are going to assume 1: yes and 2: no. All alternatives on the market other than felt or rubber cost as much as $279 and some are $49.99 for a set of plain old screws that are harder than the rocks you are walking on! A Rock Treads kit provides you with a set of discs for under $46 that works better and is easier to install than anything else on the market.

Where are Rock Treads kits made?

We at Rock Treads are proud say that every product in your kit is made 100% in the great US of A. In fact, 80% of the product is made within 150 miles of where Rock Treads were invented. Buy American; it matters!

How were Rock Treads invented?

Well it’s quite a tale, but in short: two fishing friends, a lot of help, and boom—here we are!

What is the best way to determine my Rock Treads pattern?

Any and every shoe/boot offers the capability to add Rock Treads.  But, you need a few things in order to maximize the potential of aluminum traction – Rock Treads.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • You need at least 1/2 inch sole for our screw to work
  • If you can get our FLAT tipped TRIANGLE post screw in your shoe bottom without a “pilot hole” , the rubber might not be suitable for ANY screw in style traction aid, much less Rock Treads.
  • Check our INSTALLATION tab to see how to install for the most common boots we have tested- these include felt, insert style boots, many sandals and multiple rubber bottomed boots on the market today.
Is there any liability I can assume when using Rock Treads?

No. We know it works, but we can’t account for every situation, every surface, every river or every cave you may walk with Rock Treads … or your state of mind. We can promise you won’t be disappointed when used with common sense and practicality. Rock Treads won’t let you crawl up a granite cliff with no ropes. It won’t allow you to walk in your boat or on your driveway without some potential scraping or slippage. It won’t let you run and walk on water like JC. But it will provide you better traction in wet, slimy and rocky conditions that are present when doing any kind of activity where such conditions apply. The aluminum is softer than the surface you are walking on with wading boots—it’s simple science. And we have a U.S. Patent pending to prove it (A216492 US app #14/658,701).

Where can I buy these awesome Rock Treads?

Click our Shop tag for our latest products and apparel. We will be in most shops by Spring 2017 and if we aren’t, ask your favorite shop to add on Rock Treads.  We’ll send you a special gift for any verified recommendation.  Fish on-